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Writers must always find ways to polish their skills. I attend workshops and writing conferences regularly, but I need more.  That's why I developed Word Woman. Once a week, I select a word and use it as a writing prompt. Then I write a paragraph or two using the word and post my work on social media.  Sound boring?  No way - it's commoving! 


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Random Things About Me


A little bit about me...

1.   I have 3 awesome kiddos!  One boy and two girls.

2.  I live in Canada.  Very close to the Rocky Mountains near Calgary, Alberta.  

3.  I LOVE nature - except bugs.  I draw much inspiration for my writing from nature.

4.  I was a competitive dancer in my youth.  To this day, I have super gnarly dancer toes.

5.  My Dad still has the first story I ever wrote when I was about 6(ish).  It's called The Crush Man.  It's  a one pager about orange soda and quite riveting.

6.  I love riding my one speed vintage bike.  It's mint green with a wicker basket and her name is, Julep.

7.   I long to travel the world - and I fully intend to.  

8. My favorite place to write away from home is Starbucks. 

9.  I could eat pizza everyday for the rest of my life. 

10.  I'm not a fan of coffee.  I drink a lot of tea!

11. I love stories in all their forms: written word, song, film and television, music, art pieces, dance and theater.

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