A little bit about me...

1.   I have 3 awesome kiddos!  One boy and two girls.

2.  I live in Canada.  Very close to the Rocky Mountains near Calgary, Alberta.  

3.  I LOVE nature and animals.  I draw much inspiration for my writing from nature.

4. Our family is completed by two cats, a rabbit and a horse. Riding horses is something I enjoy doing regularly.

5.  I was a competitive dancer in my youth.  To this day, I have super gnarly dancer toes.

6.  My Dad still has the first story I ever wrote when I was about 6(ish).  It's called The Crush Man.  It's  a one pager about orange soda and quite riveting.

7.  I love riding my one speed vintage bike.  It's mint green with a wicker basket.

8.   I long to travel the world - and I fully intend to.  

9. My favorite place to write away from home is in nature. 

10.  I could eat pizza everyday for the rest of my life. 

11.  I'm not a fan of coffee.  I drink a lot of tea!

12. I love stories in all their forms: written word, song, film and television, music, art pieces, dance and theater.

13. I'd attend a writers' conference every month if I could. They are inspiring and I always learn something new. 

14. I'm a member of the Alexandria Writers ' Centre Society. An epic hub of writers sharing their knowledge with other writers. I attend as many workshops there as possible.

I'm a social gal - connect with me via my social media links...

My Writing In Progress

dig Dumd drain

dig Dumd drain is a contemporary middle grade novel. I'd describe it as a mash-up of Wonder, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Frankenstein. Here's what the story is about... 

Orat Rook is desperate for a cure. One that will help him be like other kids. He believes this is the only way he can live like a normal kid.

Until a cure is found, Orat conjures up several clever ways to avoid school and bullies. The two things that deflate him most. He’s often daydreaming up new inventions to improve his circumstances. Elaborate masterpieces that will help him with all manner of problems and lead him to happiness.

The only source of joy in Orat’s life comes from playing video games, and redesigning and rebuilding old things to make something new. He catalogues his rebuilds and invention ideas on a Vlog, which he does incognito. He doesn’t want to risk anyone at school finding out about

After a horrific day at school, Orat meets an ingenious scientist who promises to cure his abnormal brain. But it can only be done by way of a highly invasive procedure. The solution is dangerous and risky. But he doesn’t care. Surely, the pain of living life as he is will be far worse than the pain of the proposed cure. After all, it will all be worth it when he becomes normal and like the peers he admires. His life can only improve if he can rid himself of his defective brain. Can’t it?

This book is complete and not yet published.

Kissing for Keeps

Kissing for Keeps is a women's fiction/romantic comedy novel. It has been describe as a mash-up of Bridget Jones's Diary and Sex and the City. Here's what the story is about...

A lot can be learned from a kiss. Andi knows this as she’s locked lips with many boys. Some kisses have ignited her from within while others extinguished all heat. Regardless of how a kiss has made her feel, each boy behind them has offered valuable insights. And she’ll use these insights to attain the most important relationship she’ll ever have in her life.

On the verge of her thirtieth birthday, she’s convinced she’s finally kissing the man of her dreams. Andi hopes that with the lessons from her past relationships, she can be the person her perfect man is looking for. After all, he is everything she has ever dreamed of, and more. But there’s a hurdle to overcome before they can embark on forever. Can the perfect love come from highly imperfect circumstances?

This book is complete and not yet published. 

Horse Karma

Horse Karma will be a contemporary middle grade novel. The story is fiction, but based on true events. At this point, this project is still too new to share any more details. 

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