My latest book titled Burn Your Thong is now available for purchase through all major ebook retailers.

About Burn Your Thong:

Andi has a drawer full of thong underwear; each a memento of past relationships. Every man she wore these intimates for has offered her a lesson. And each lesson, she is convinced, holds valuable insights for finding the man of her dreams.

Shortly before her thirtieth birthday, Andi finally does it - she meets 'the one'. Before too long, the relationship with her ideal man gets serious; bringing Andi to a pivotal point in her life. One where she must leave old heartbreaks and the thong underwear of her past in the ashes.

Will Andi's formula for finding the ideal love push her toward the most important relationship she’ll ever have in her life? Can finding perfect love really come from highly imperfect circumstances?

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A little bit about me...

1.   I have 3 awesome kiddos!  One boy and two girls.

2.  I live in Canada.  Very close to the Rocky Mountains near Calgary, Alberta.  

3.  I LOVE nature and animals.  I draw much inspiration for my writing from nature.

4.  I was a competitive dancer in my youth.  To this day, I have super gnarly dancer toes.

5.  My Dad still has the first story I ever wrote when I was about 6(ish).  It's called The Crush Man.  It's  a one pager about orange soda and quite riveting.

6.  I love riding my one speed vintage bike.  It's mint green with a wicker basket and her name is, Julep.

7.   I long to travel the world - and I fully intend to.  

8. My favorite place to write away from home is Starbucks. 

9.  I could eat pizza everyday for the rest of my life. 

10.  I'm not a fan of coffee.  I drink a lot of tea!

11. I love stories in all their forms: written word, song, film and television, music, art pieces, dance and theater.

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