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He has been given many names and lived in several places. Throughout his life he's met a lot of folks - some kind and others not. To be considered useful, he's expected to fulfill specific roles without fail. But one accident changes his life forever, branding him as defective, which has everyone questioning his worth in the world - even him. 

Although most people may not see it, he has much to offer. In return, all he wants is to be loved. He wishes for someone to see beyond his flaws and truly understand him. He often wonders, though, if such a thing is realistic to hope for. After all, he is just a horse. 

One day, he meets Kiyomi - a thirteen-year-old girl who seems to truly appreciate all that he is. They quickly bond and together form a relationship seemingly pre-destined in the stars. But the horse can't help wondering, will this relationship last, or will history repeat itself and see him discarded once again?

Horse Karma by Amber Zierath is a heart-warming story told from an unlikely point of view - a horse. It depicts the unbreakable bond between human and horse, with careful observation and extensive descriptions of equine behavior. It will reaffirm the belief that the love you offer has ways of coming back, in a more profound way, of course. 


This title is available for purchase via the links below or in select bookstores. 

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